The Best Way to Ask for Payment

Posted by Georgia Kirby on Dec 4, 2017 7:00:37 AM

Not sure how to approach a client for a delayed payment? The following are some tips of the best way to go about it:

State clearly what you want to happen

Ensure the client knows and understands your point of view. Explain when the invoice was issued, the amount now owing and that you expect payment by the end of the week.

Be nice, stay calm but don’t be a walkover

While it's important to stay calm and reasonable with clients, some will ignore your demands if they think you'll put up with it. Again, ensure you are clear with your intended goal and they know you're serious.

Keep reiterating the facts

Tell them when you sent the invoice and the established payment terms, and always get your facts right. If you rush through details or worse, get them wrong, you'll lose credibility, which will make it easier for the client and those in the future to ignore you.

Make personal contact with the person who employed you

It's harder to brush someone off who you have built some kind of relationship with in the past. Ask if they can talk with the relevant department or with the boss.

Be persistent

Ensure the client knows you aren't going to simply give up if they continue to ignore you or put of payment. Try getting in touch with them often through regular phone calls or suggest a meeting.

If you have to deal with the accounts department, be personable

Find out their name and try to understand things from their point of view. Can they only pay on certain days? Is the company struggling financially? Treat anyone you speak to with respect even the most junior assistant - it pays off.

Always use red ink on your reminder invoices

Red is a colour that commands attention and ensures the receiver knows you are serious about timely payment.

Get a special rubber stamp with your company name on it

Resend invoices with "overdue" stamped across the entire page. Make the stamp bright red and be bold!


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