How to Write For SEO

Posted by Georgia Kirby on Feb 23, 2018 7:00:58 AM

If your business has a website, you're likely aware of the importance of a tool SEO is for aquiring new customers. The following are some tips to use SEO's in your favour:

Create unique and useful content

If the majority of your content is sourced from other websites, Google or other related search engines, are likely to penalise you on the grounds of duplicate content. Instead, get creative! You can be inspired by others, but use your won words. Another things many people get wrong is putting out poor quality content. Your rank on a search engine is determined by both links to and shares on social media platform. Poor quality will result in less shares or links on social media.

Effective use of keywords and internal links

If you overuse internal links and keywords, the search engine may think you are trying to manipulate your position within the searched. Mix it up instead!

Take advantage of HTML and Meta tags

Some search engines can determine what your webpage is about even if correct tags haven't been used. However, still ensure your HTML and Meta tags are correct. The most important thing to get right is the title and description tags. Make sure they're relevant to the page's individual content and are unique for each web page on your site.

Search friendly URLs

Another way to determine search rank is your webpage's URL. Search engines will look for relevant key words with good readability, so use something like "/article/top10-smart-phones” instead of “/articleId/123”. Another good practice is to use hyphens when separating words in your url. Words separated by an underscore are seen as a single word by many search engines.

If you have both high quality content and a great SEO, it wont take long before you start seeing the benefits.


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