Mistakes That Could Hinder A Growing Business


A businesses goal is to expand and help a wide audience. However, mistakes can hinder their chances for growth. Worse is when they are consistently repeated. Don't be the same; outlined are some...

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Four Questions to Ask Your Accountant


In an ideal world, you and your accountant would be more than just "client" and "advisor". Together, with combined skills and a shared 'mission', you are more like strategic partners. Key to...

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Workplace Wellbeing & Leadership


Many qualities make a great leader, however, if there could only be one attribute, it would be their ability to motivate productive teams and empower individuals. Leadership responsibilities are...

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Protect Yourself From Being Phished


What is a phishing scam

A phishing scam is when malicious emails target a company’s customers by pretending to be from a legitimate email address. They will typically use the company name, but...

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Working Remotely


The benefits of cloud technology are often discussed in terms of, well, technology: its vast capacity, the easy scalability, the effortless overnight upgrades. But its advantages aren’t solely...

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Xero: A New Bank Feeds Process


Bank feeds are a core component of Xero, giving you an up to date view of your cash position so you know how your business is performing. Unsurprisingly, it’s a popular feature – 71% of...

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Managing Three Types of Late Paying Customers


Late-paying customers are an issue most small businesses deal with. Our research reveals 9% of all payments to Australian small and medium-sized businesses are late, with business owners and staff...

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Alerts Not Alarms


Every so often you may hear or read about something known as a "taxpayer alert" being issued by the ATO. These are early warning signals from the ATO to warn the public about areas of concern....

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Here's What Our Clients Have to Say


See what our clients say about XO Accounting and how we bring our mantra of "Time, Money, Team" to life for them:

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Renting Out Your Home


When renting out part or all of your home, the money received is generally referred to as assessable income. This means:

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