Why Should You Move to the Cloud?


The move to the cloud is often not a question of if it will occur but more likely when it will occur, for most small businesses. So what is the reason for so many businesses embracing online cloud...

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9 Reasons to Switch to Cloud Computing


Cloud computing is quickly becoming the norm for small businesses as storing information and using software hosted on the Internet allows for simple and accurate management of business finances.

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Use your Accounting Software to Boost Sales


If you think accounting software is only for tracking expenses and generating financial reports, then you’re losing an opportunity to improve your bottom line. By taking advantage of the insights...

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How Accounting Software Can Increase Profits


Most accounting softwares are fairly simple to use, so small business owners often learn the basics to it fairly quickly. Accounting software allows owners to automate processes like invoicing and...

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10 Money-Saving Tips for Contractors


Working from home as a contractor sounds like the ultimate dream for anyone who is sick and tired of the rat race, but be cautious as contractors still have more than their fair share of challenges....

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ATO Systems Crash!!!


Since the weekend all ATO systems have been offline as the ATO suffers a "World First" system failure for a government tax authority.  Apparently the hardware supplied and supported by Hewlett...

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Optimizing Your Website for Local Searches


9 reasons to switch to cloud computing


Don’t be left up in the air by traditional IT solutions. Check out the top 9 advantages for small businesses switching to cloud computing.

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