Advantages of Online Recruiting Videos in the Hiring Process

Posted by Bizink on Oct 30, 2017 7:00:05 AM

Whether they are a recent graduate, new to the field or changing occupations, many people feel a sense of urgency when looking for a job, preferring to find one sooner than later. They don't have time to search through countless ads with vague descriptions that may not match their skill set.

When hiring, it is one of your primary goals to connecting to those seeking jobs while also promoting your business and it's culture. If the success of your business depends on hiring the best people, how do you make sure you are reaching them?

Recruitment Videos

This is where recruiting videos come in. They should be able to convey not only the product of service you provide but why someone should work for you. Utilising these videos can have positive benefits for both you and potential employees.


The biggest advantage is that recruitment videos can save you time. For example, any questions they have, which they would have needed to call or email you about, can be answered either in the video or from a quick visit to your website. This can then encourage those who are interested in a position to follow up with you.

They also allow you to show a snapshot of your business. Employees should be notified of when you'll be filming, however scenes shouldn't be staged nor actors hired, as it will be easy to spot a fake scene. Instead, film a typical day at the office and include special events or projects. This will allow potential candidates to picture themselves in that position. Record some employee testimonials, to help viewers resonate with your companies culture.

Production and Posting

When planning the production, ensure it is an appropriate length. The video should be balanced with just enough information about your company while also remembering the often short attention span of those looking online. According to marketing professionals, the ideal length is three minutes.

Posting of your video shouldn't be limited to just your website. It should be featured on Youtube (or other video subscription sites) and your company's page on LinkedIn, just to name a few. Therefore, it will ensure you are broadcasting to reach your top candidates.


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