The cold hard facts about Cash Handling in your Business


The current perception is that there are many businesses that deal in cash – particularly the service industry and many of us are aware of the scenario of a business offering a discount for cash...

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Finding Money within your Business


Most small businesses experience cash flow problems from time to time and urgently need working capital. Many business owners immediately think of the bank or loans when they’re short of money. But...

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17 ways to get repeat business


Q. I am finding it tough.  Sales are slowing but I can’t figure out exactly why.  No-one seems to be unhappy with what we do, and no competitor has entered the market.  People seem to be buying less...

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9 reasons to switch to cloud computing


Don’t be left up in the air by traditional IT solutions. Check out the top 9 advantages for small businesses switching to cloud computing.

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Getting the work–life balance right


As a small business owner it’s hard to juggle your work and outside responsibilities. It’s important to run your business effectively and still have a life outside the office.

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10 more quick growth tips for small business owners


Help grow your business through collaboration, expansion, improved marketing and some of the following quick tips.

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Five Steps towards getting your Service Business ready to sell


Service Businesses are hard to value and sometimes struggle to get their price at sale time and a prospective owner can have a lot of questions before taking on a new business.

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Evolution of accounting!


I was trying to demonstrate how the accounting industry and accounting function in business has changed in past years so we came up with this illustration - the Evolution of Accounting.

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Mixed use holiday home


Do you rent out your holiday home or bach?

The new rules on mixed-use assets could affect you.

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Need Easy, Simple, Affordable, Accurate, Seamless..?


If these words are what you are looking for in Accounting Services then XO Accounting has the services you are seeking…

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