Management Reporting: To Be or Not To Be


We are in an age of big data and technology, which often brings with it an overwhelming amount of information. For business owners, the challenge with this is not what is available but more what...

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Get Ready for Single Touch Payroll


Single Touch Payroll (or 'STP') will become required from 1 July 2018 for 'substantial employers', being those with 20+ employees. On 1 April 2018, employers must count the number of employees...

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Employees Denied Deductions for Work Related Expenses


When travelling with his family, an employee photographer has been refused travel expense deductions, and other intended work related expenses.

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The True Value of Networking


Many groups exist that are solely dedicated to networking. While some are highly structures with requirements regarding performance, payment and exclusive membership, others are free and allow you...

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How to Survive Job Loss


One of the most devastating things someone can go through is the loss of a job. Results can be long lasting and often the associated implications go far past just financial. It will definitely put...

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What Do Customers Really Want


The decisions and changes businesses make are typically based on customer feedback. However, it has been found that only 4% of customers will complain or give feedback. Therefore, you are catering...

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Reasons to Start Your Own Small Business


There are over 2 million small businesses within Australia, with the number constantly rising. Here are some key reasons as to why so many are making the switch:

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CBA's War on Small Business


We have noticed over the past 12 months the CBA have step by step making it more difficult and more expensive for SME owners to bank with them and run their businesses.

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How to Create a Personal Brand


The term "personal brand" is still seen as somewhat controversial and carry the connotation of vanity or self promotion. However, truthfully personal branding is one of the most important things...

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Preparing an exit strategy


Research indicates that if a business is prepared for the owner's exit they are more likely to endure than businesses that are unprepared. The following are guidelines for an exit strategy that will...

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