How to Create a Personal Brand


The term "personal brand" is still seen as somewhat controversial and carry the connotation of vanity or self promotion. However, truthfully personal branding is one of the most important things...

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Overcome Your Fear of Networking


Small talk. Stroking up conversations with strangers. Networking. Feeling uncomfortable yet?

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How to Deal With Non Payers


Non payers are an unavoidable liability for most small businesses and can cause serious cash flow problems. Often, small business owners are baffled when facing the issue of non payment -...

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Building a Business Budget


With a new financial year comes new opportunities for your business. This is the time when new goals and resolutions are made for something to strive to in the upcoming year. One way to make some big...

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Accounting Tips For Start Ups


Businesses become a success because it is something you love and therefore work hard at it. It does no necessarily mean you love balancing the financials. However, accounting is crucially important...

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How To Recruit Top Talent


One of the biggest struggles for businesses today is attracting the best talent. Recruitment agencies and online job boards are widely used options in this regard, however they sometimes come with a...

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Increase Sales From Existing Sales


One of your business's most important assets are your existing customers. They're the ones who've already found and chosen you over competitors, and are familiar with your products/services. For...

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Bill Shorten's Tax Grab


Recently the opposition leader Bill Shorten announced the ALP's intention to change the way credits are allowed on Franking Credits stating it only helped the rich and big business. Either Mr Shorten...

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Take a Look at Your Time Management


aThere always seems to not be enough hours in the day to get everything we want done - both professionally and personally. However, if we simply identify and change certain bad habits - such as a...

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Visual-Based Post [Blogging Blueprint]



An image post uses a visual element as the centerpiece of your post, such as a SlideShare presentation, infographic, comic, or high-resolution images.

Use your introduction to...

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