Tips for Managing Remote Teams

Posted by Bizink on Dec 13, 2017 7:00:48 AM

Since many businesses are now telecommuting, companies worldwide are restructuring their management to better meet the challenges that come with remote collaboration.

As they are more flexible to change, small businesses are well positioned to adapt to telecommuting. Increased productivity and employee happiness are just some of the benefits to owners.

However, there are some challenges, namely keeping track of what remote workers are doing and, ensuring that both the remote and in house teams are working together cohesively.

The following tips can help you both manage and support your remote employees.

Promote communication and accountability

Clearly defined expectations and establishing methods to track results are essential for remote team management. Here are some ways to ensure your remote workers know what is expected:

  • Create a daily log for remote workers to report their progress with ongoing projects - Google Drive offers good options for this.
  • Utilise a specific project management system to assign tasks, exchange messages and monitor projects instead of relying on email.
  • Establish key indicators of success for each remote worker and share these with your employees - these may be daily, weekly or monthly goals.
  • Assess performance through regular interviews.

Include remote workers in office culture

A positive work culture and employee engagement are fast becoming top priority for managers wishing to retain their top talent. These tips will help your remote workers feel just as valued and validated as your in house team.

  • Include and invite your remote workers to attend monthly or special events, or if they are unable to offer to have something delivered to them or give them a gift voucher similar to the event.
  • Get to know your remote workers and spend time with them as you would your in house team.
  • Consider creating teams with your remote workers for more complex tasks - you'll both improve efficiency while making them feel like a part of the team.

Ready to enjoy the benefits of remote staff?

If you trust your employees to work hard no matter where they’re located, the main thing to remember is fostering teamwork. A monthly on-site meeting that everyone is required to attend can encourage stronger relationships, allow opportunities to clear the air or discuss any challenges – and improve a sense of teamwork and camaraderie.

If you trust your employees to work hard no matter where they are, the main thing to remember is team work. Monthly on site meetings can encourage stronger relationships, allow an opportunity to clear the air or discuss challenges - thus improving the sense of teamwork in the workplace.

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