Whistle While You Work

Posted by XO Accounting on Sep 23, 2019 8:57:00 AM

It is fairly agreed upon that having fun in the workplace is something that should be encouraged. Not only does it increases satisfaction and result in a turnover decrease, but your employees want to come to work. Therefore, creating a happy and productive work environment for both you and your employees.

However, many owners have a misconception that fun in the workplace is in fact detrimental to both productivity and success. They believe their employees will become easily distracted and the fun atmosphere will cause a loss of respect for authority figures.


Free Advertising

When employees are having fun at work, this will be reflected in the atmosphere of your business. This will be translated to your customers, who in turn will have a positive experience.

Furthermore, a positive and fun work environment can also result in free advertising for your business. Customers will tell others about the positive experience at your business which will then provide more customers for you.


Fun Breeds More Energy and a Healthier Workforce

Typically, we have more energy when engaging in a hobby than we would whilst at work. We can play a sport we love for hours and hours in the summer heat but complain about not being able to work when the air conditioning is broken. Therefore, it can be said that the more fun you are having at work will result in more energy while you're there.

There has also been documented proof that fun can decrease stress, boosts immunity, relieves pain, prevents depression, rests the brain etc. For that reason, a energetic, fun and positive work atmosphere will result in healthier employees and better health for yourself.

Again, people want to come to work when they’re having fun.


Having Fun Breeds Success

When both you and your employees are having fun at work, this translates into success for your business. Which in turn, creates a positive and enjoyable environment for both employees and customers.

Employees are more likely to go out of their way to aid customers if they themselves are having fun. Again, ensure you are giving them the opportunity to do so in any given situation. Their enthusiasm and energy from working in such an environment will help ensure the customer has a positive experience.



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